What Would Goldilocks Think of Your Marketing Content

You can’t help but love fairy tales and after the Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and The Three Bears has got to be up there for me. But not many people realise that Goldilocks is actually a fable about marketing content. You see, the three bears were not actually a family, but a marketing team, and Goldilocks was not actually a sweet little girl who got lost, but a potential customer reading the Bear’s content.

Too long, too short, too technical, too high-level, too boring, too trivial, Goldilocks wasn’t impressed; it took a while for her to find marketing content that was just right.

Why Marketing Content is So Important

Marketing is all about attracting potential customers and getting them to engage. Resonating with their challenges, articulating your value-add and leaving them without any doubt that you can help them address their pain or achieve that important gain. It is your content that needs to get across this message; it has to hook them in, pique their interest, and leave them wanting to learn more.

Doing what I do, I have to read a lot of marketing content and without being rude, there are far more bad examples than there are great examples. So let me share what makes good content.

Easy To Consume

You may have a lot to say, but you must deliver this in consumable chunks. Most people will look at a long blog or an eBook that runs into tens of pages and decide they haven’t got the time to read that now. Write in short consumable blocks and break content into sections with headlines that can be skimmed.

Full of Personality

You’re not writing a PHD Thesis, you are trying to connect with your target audience. Your company may be technically brilliant, but people engage with content that is enjoyable to read. Inject some personality, make it fun and people will come back for more.

Written For The Reader

This is subtle but very important, it is not about what you want to say, but what the potential customer wants to read. What is on their mind, what do they want to know – address these two points and your content will resonate and hit the mark.

Substance Rather Than Copywriter Brilliance

Every marketing person has been there, they use an external copywriter to produce content and what they get back is something that is beautifully written but is completely meaningless. I have a simple rule, if you don’t understand the subject you cannot write about it; the audience will see through this every time.

Left Brain/Right Brain

It has been proven that information is best consumed when both the left and right brain is engaged. Back to fairy tales, they work well as pictures and stories. Write what you want to say but illustrate this with imagery and visuals that support what you are saying, and it makes it easier to engage with.


At Cremarc, we write a lot of marketing content for our clients and our approach works really well. You see, we don’t have traditional copywriters but people who understand what our clients do and are pretty good at story telling. This means they can write with authority and make that critical connection between what our client wants to say and what their audience wants to hear.

We are always happy to help and if you want to get a Goldilocks perspective on your marketing content, send it over and we will have a read and suggest how this can be made even better. You can contact me at gary.coville@cremarc.com.