Content Marketing Services for B2B Companies

Results-Driven B2B Content Marketing

In a content-rich world, where your target audience is time-poor, you need to rise above the noise and find creative ways of telling your story. Our content marketing services for B2B tech companies can help you raise your game with a targeted content development plan.

As a leading B2B tech agency, our expertise goes beyond general content creation; we possess an in-depth understanding of the technology sector. We don’t produce marketing fluff; instead, we craft compelling, value-driven content that serves as the foundation for successful business communication in the tech industry.

B2B content marketing agency - planning

B2B Content with Your Company Voice

You have the experts in your company, but we get it, content development for the purpose of marketing is time-consuming. Let us help you by utilising our deep understanding of the tech sector. All we need is a quick conversation with your thought leaders, and we extract what is on their minds and turn it into compelling content.

We can help you with anything of your content development needs – from creating an individual piece of content in your own brand voice, right through to creating a content development strategy and helping you carry out activity across the year.

B2B content marketing agency - Ghost Writing

Ghost Writing

We can take those nuggets of genius from your experts and turn them into insightful blogs, guides and snippets for social media. We create insightful content in your brand's tone of voice, as though it were written by an expert themselves.

B2B content marketing - Industry Commentary

Industry Commentary

By truly understanding the industry and the value you add. We can help you raise your game, not just talking about what you do, but create engaging content as an expert industry commentator.

B2B content marketing - Customer Stories

Customer Stories

We help you demonstrate leadership through telling your customer stories. We take the time to understand their thoughts and experiences. Then we turn these into thought-provoking stories that position you in the best light.

Visual Stories

We aren’t just a typical marketing agency for B2B tech clients; we believe content development goes beyond mere copywriting. Instead, we focus on discovering creative ways to tell your story and convey your message as effectively as possible

People use both their left and right brain to consume information and that is why we are great believers in all forms of visual content – a glance is all that is required to start an engagement.

We help you structure your story and then visualise this in an infographic. This is an exceptional way of combining messaging and creativity to get across your key points both efficiently, and powerfully.

When telling your story over social media it is all about understanding your audience and aligning your messaging. We help you create both the visual and written elements of your social posts to successfully build your engagement.

Often what you do is better represented in an illustration rather than a lengthy description. We help take your concepts and turn these into images that are intuitive to understand.

Content marketing

Video and Podcasts

People consume content in different ways; some like to read, some like to watch, and others prefer to listen. Our aim is to get your story to the widest audience and, at the same time, stand out from the crowd.

As a B2B Tech Agency with expertise in content marketing, we understand that looking at different media is key and we are helping our clients do things a little differently.

Content creation - Customer Stories


The ease at which it is now possible to create professional video content is changing how you can tell your story. Whether you want to create a webinar, a case study, or just a simple explainer video, these can all be extremely valuable.

Content creation - Podcasts


More and more people are consuming content through podcasts. It's a great way to learn while doing other things. We can help you build your storyboard and create a series of engaging and compelling audio assets.

Content creation - Animation


Whether it is a simple animated GIF or a more in-depth explainer animation, we can help you take your content and add cut-through creativity. We can help generate assets that truly engage with your target audience in a new way.

B2B Content Marketing Strategy with Engagement in Mind

We start each project by looking at what you are trying to achieve.  We then look at the subject matter you are dealing with and what your competitors are doing right. From this we come up with a robust content strategy. Our plans will focus around increasing your marketing reach, your profile and achieving your KPIs with a robust content development plan.

We can help you create an editorial calendar that ties into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) research, competitor analysis, and industry trends to ensure that the content that we develop for you engages with your audience and brings you fantastic ROI.

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