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The core ingredients of B2B branding marketing success

For marketing to deliver an impact for you, it needs to be underpinned by a clear strategy that links the aspirations of your organisation to the needs of your target markets.

Your B2B brand marketing strategy defines what you want to achieve and how you will achieve this. Your brand represents who you are, your purpose and how you want to be perceived. Your proposition is what connects you with potential buyers, aligns you to their needs and articulates your value.

Cremarc’s marketing expertise is deep-rooted in the technology sector. We intimately understand this space and can help you sharpen your strategy, differentiate your brand, and place clarity around your proposition.

B2B Branding Agency

B2B Brand Marketing Positioning

For marketing to be truly effective, it needs more than just a plan: it needs to have a clear strategy aligned to the aspirations of the business. As a top B2B branding agency we can provide that external expertise to sharpen your strategy, or if you are starting from a blank sheet, our experience ensures you get your strategy right first time.

We start with what you are looking to achieve. We place these aims in context with your target market and help you create a strategy that will deliver the desired impact.


Brand Discovery

We take the time to clearly define what you are trying to achieve, your goals for landing new business, objectives for expanding existing business and retaining customers. We help you to understand your addressable market and define ideal buyer profiles.

Marketing strategy

Brand Strategy

Our aim is to provide you with a clear and precise brand strategy for how marketing will deliver for your business. We look at where you invest, how you will engage with your market, and how you cultivate interest into action.

Business context

Brand Context

Our focus and experience in the tech sector enables us to provide context - defining personas of your target buyers, understanding the evaluation process, and mapping the competitive landscape that you need to out-manoeuvre.

A B2B Branding Agency That Delivers

Your brand is the bedrock of your go-to-market: it defines how you are perceived by your customers, prospects, and potential employees.

Creating a brand that your audiences connect with is key for marketing success. It should permeate across everything you do, building awareness and differentiated recognition. We are experts in helping you define, create and evolve your brand.

We help you clearly articulate your purpose and your vision. We then leverage this insight to define your brand and what you want it to represent to your target markets.

We help you define your brand values and how these are demonstrated in how you look and what you say, that differentiates you from the competition.

We take your purpose and values and bring this alive through your brand identity. Your messaging, your tone of voice, your colour palette, style and content all come together to deliver a brand that represents you.

Cremarc - a B2B Branding Agency

B2B Brand Positioning & Proposition

We are masters of simplifying the complex – taking what you think is brilliant about what you do and articulating this in a concise and simplified way that resonates with your audience. We can position you in a way that sets you apart from the competition. We help you craft and refine your proposition to deliver maximum impact.


We start by looking outside. What are the pain-points of your target audience? What are the gains they are looking to achieve? We help you step into the shoes of your buyers or users and see the world from their perspective.


Through understanding the market ‘need’ we are then able to align your proposition to these needs. We remove the noise and focus on those capabilities, benefits and values that hit the mark.

A unique B2B Branding Agency


We bring a pragmatic approach to identifying what is truly unique about your proposition. We then can see how to articulate and demonstrate this to the different personas you are looking to engage with.

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