Cremarc Innovation Hub June 2024: Pushing Boundaries in Marketing Experimentation

At Cremarc, we’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to drive results for our clients. This month, our team…

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The Cremarc Innovation Hub

At Cremarc, we’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to drive results for our clients. This month, our team has been busy experimenting with cutting-edge techniques to boost engagement, optimise campaigns, and deliver exceptional outcomes. Let’s dive into some of our recent experiments and the exciting results they’ve yielded.


Testing 105 LinkedIn Ad Variations for SilverCloud by Amwell

Our team took testing and learning to new heights for our client SilverCloud by Amwell. We created a staggering 105 LinkedIn Ad variations, targeting four distinct audiences. Our goal? To uncover the secret sauce for maximising form opens and engagement.

Here’s what we tested:

  • The impact of down arrow emojis
  • The effect of line breaks (or lack thereof)
  • The power of the word “free” in ad copy
  • The influence of directly addressing the audience
  • CTA variations: “Register here” vs. “Register now”
  • CTA placement: First vs. Last

The results were fascinating, leading to a cost per lead of €47.31 – approximately €8 below last year’s average. This experiment not only provided valuable insights for future campaigns but also delivered tangible cost savings for our client.


Unconventional Networking from AILSA by Liquid Voice

For our long-standing client Liquid Voice, we embarked on a bold experiment to get AILSA, their interaction insights assistant, in front of as many contact centre managers and owners in the UK & APAC as possible. Our solution? We gave AILSA its own LinkedIn profile!

While this approach may have pushed the boundaries of LinkedIn’s terms of service, it allowed us to create meaningful engagements with our target audience. By connecting AILSA directly with contact centre managers, owners, and directors, we achieved something that traditional display ads often struggle with – guaranteed attention. When you get a connection request on LinkedIn, you actually bother to look who it is. A LinkedIn Ad though, is not something you can always give your attention to.

This experiment demonstrated that sometimes, thinking outside the box can lead to impactful connections (no pun intended) without the need for additional media spend. The aim was to get in front of people, but we actually ended up getting over 50 connections with our target audience, and getting a further 50 profile views from other individuals who meet our ICP.


Progressive Content Marketing for Nodes & Links

For our client Nodes & Links, we took content marketing to new heights with a creative and engaging campaign. We crafted a humorous, hypothetical scenario exploring how the famous unfinished Sagrada Familia could have benefited from generative AI – an impossible scenario given its 1882 start date.

This innovative approach allowed us to showcase Nodes & Links’ expertise in helping construction companies leverage AI and next-generation technologies for better project outcomes. We ditched the traditional PDF eBook format in favor of an HTML-built vertical-scrolling parallax webpage, creating an immersive reading experience that takes users on a journey through time and technology. Definitely more engaging and memorable than a boring old whitepaper or solution sheet!


Exit Intent Pop-ups: Capturing Attention at the Last Second

Our MarTech team experimented with exit intent pop-ups for SilverCloud by Amwell, and the results were impressive. With 58 triggers and 8 users clicking to download a case study, we achieved a 14% conversion rate on the popup itself. This simple yet effective technique proves that sometimes, the last-second engagement can make all the difference in extending a user’s interaction with a brand. Exit-intent pop-ups really could be the difference between capturing a user’s details for further marketing efforts, and never engaging with that user again. According to studies, 95% of users never return to a website – so it’s important to do all we can to capture and convert our site browsers.

At Cremarc, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of marketing innovation. These experiments demonstrate our dedication to finding new, effective ways to engage audiences and drive results for our clients. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Cremarc Innovation Hub!

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