Unlocking Business Growth: The Advantages of Outsourcing Marketing

When your business is on the rise, considering an external marketing department can be a smart move. But what exactly does that mean, and when is the right time to go for it? Let’s break it down in this article.

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Understanding the Idea of an External Marketing Department 

It’s common for companies to hire an agency for specific marketing projects or a fixed duration. But how deep does this collaboration go? This determines whether the agency essentially becomes your external marketing department. 

An external marketing department is when an agency handles your marketing tasks as if it’s their own department. For this to happen, your company’s management must trust the agency enough to let them manage your marketing efforts externally. Usually, this kind of collaboration comes after working together for some time, building trust, and understanding each other’s business. 

Why Having a Clear Plan is Important 

As you work with an external marketing department, you’ll be in direct contact with someone from the agency. This could be a person from your company’s management who acts as a liaison between your company and the agency. 

Having a clear plan is crucial. Is this partnership temporary to help with a transition, or is it meant to be a long-term arrangement? The answer affects all the decisions made by the agency, shaping the course of action. 

When Does Outsourcing Your Marketing Make Sense? 

Business Growth in Full Swing 

When your business is expanding rapidly, hiring new employees and building a sizable marketing team can be slow and challenging. Finding the right candidates and completing the recruitment process can take 6-9 months. Do you have that kind of time? Also, not all recruitments pan out as expected. 

If your company wants to make the most of its growth spurt, an external marketing department could be a viable solution. In just a few weeks, you can tap into a pool of experts in various fields. Achieving this level of expertise internally would usually take years. 

Restructuring Your Company 

Sometimes, as a marketing manager, you might need to pause and reevaluate. Whether it’s letting go of some employees or undergoing a major restructuring, handling everything on your own can be overwhelming. This is where an external marketing department can step in and provide support. 

Enhancing Your Existing Team 

If your internal team already includes skilled professionals like a copywriter and a social media expert, replacing them might not be wise. Instead, supplement their skills with an external marketing department. Bring in the agency’s expertise to complement your team’s strengths. 

Frequently, the best approach involves a collaboration between your in-house team and the agency. This synergy allows you to nurture your existing skills and bring in specialists as needed, ensuring you have the competitive edge required for success. 

In the journey of business growth, outsourcing your marketing efforts through an external marketing department can be a game-changer. By building a strong partnership, businesses can quickly access expertise, navigate transitions smoothly, and gain the competitive advantage necessary to thrive. 

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