Your B2B Account-Based Marketing Agency (ABM)

Your B2B Account-Based Marketing Agency (ABM)

As a B2B ABM agency, we understand Account-Based Marketing is about creating a unique customer experience. It is about taking the time to truly understand the target organisation and target audience, and creating an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programme that engages the budget creators, budget holders and key influencers.

Our understanding of the tech sector enables us to work with you in profiling your target accounts and target audience and aligning your proposition to their specific needs. When you make your approach personal, you achieve transformational results.

B2B account-based marketing agency (ABM)

Cluster Marketing

ABM does not have to be 1-2-1: we help organisations target their marketing to a cluster of high value accounts they want to open up. It could be a particular sector, group of people, a new territory or just organisations that have the same specific need. The aim is to create an integrated marketing programme that makes each account feel like you are talking directly to them.

ABM Research


Our ABM strategy team will work with you to fully understand your cluster, their challenges, goals, and aspirations. We learn their language and profile each of the personas of the target audience that we are looking to influence and engage with.



We take our research and use this to align your proposition with the cluster. We tell your story in the language of the decision maker or user and focus your unique value on what it is they are looking to achieve.

Multichannel B2B account-based marketing agency


Different people engage in different ways, and this is where we get creative. We can build an integrated marketing strategy, including activity that raises your awareness, engages each persona and cultivates them through the funnel.

1-2-1 Marketing

You may have a specific account you want to focus on or an existing customer that you want to expand. Our experience of ABM and Target Account Selling enables us to find your target audience and then work closely with your marketing and sales teams to truly understand the organisation, map the entry points and develop programmes that generate results from your marketing efforts.

Building a comprehensive profile of your target accounts is key - understanding their strategic imperatives and the circles of influence across the organisation. This enables you to target the right people with a personalised proposition.

We utilise multi-tiered activity, to reach all the players identified - targeting the execs, the senior leaders and the influencers in order to raise your awareness across the organisation and generate multiple entry points.

Content plays a significant role in engaging the different personas. We align your content specifically for the target organisation, and then out-marketing the competition with pin-point accuracy of your message.

B2B account-based marketing agency - ABM

Targeting Individuals

Sometimes you just need a little help in getting to that key person that will unlock an account for you. The usual tactics don’t always work, and this is where we help you get creative and find a different way to get noticed. As a B2B ABM Agency in the IT and Technology space, Cremarc support a number of successful clients in unlocking the potential of key accounts using an ABM approach to reach your target audience.

Social Profiling

Social Profiling

We help you understand the individual, researching what they have said and the actions they have taken and discovering their personal side through social media profiling.

Finding the Hooks

Finding the Hooks

Our aim is to find the passion of the individual, what they love and what piques their interest - it may be a sport, a charity or an interest that we can use to tie our message to.

A unique B2B Branding Agency

Being Creative

When emails, social and the usual activity doesn't work, you must be creative, thinking differently to package your message in a way that shows that you know them.

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