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The Cremarc Innovation Hub

Cremarc Innovation Hub June 2024: Pushing Boundaries in Marketing Experimentation

At Cremarc, we’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to drive results for our clients. This month, our team…

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Content Development checklist

Content Development Checklist

Developing content can sometimes feel like a shot in the dark. What should I write? Who is actually going to…

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How not to be boring when blogging

The Snooze Factor: How not to be boring when blogging

Have you ever started reading a blog, and then switched off before reaching the second li – I think we…

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Target audience demographics

Do you really know your target audience? 

There is a big difference between ‘knowing’ your target audience and understanding some customer demographics and behaviours. The latter leads…

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tech marketing take a lesson from orange juice

Why Tech Marketing Should Take A Lesson From Orange Juice

Companies do not market to companies. Humans’ market to humans. This blog explores how creativity is not just about clever design.

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Why Marketing Is So Critical Now

With the pandemic pushing digital transformation, it is now critical businesses establish a strong marketing presence if they want to see results.

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Marketing & Marketers Need to Be More Agile

Marketing is about being brave and taking a bold approach to the market. Read how your organisation can become more agile and take the next step.

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How Do Marketing People See Things Changing

The marketing industry is always changing to meet the needs of users worldwide. Learn how marketers now have to work smarter for business.

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Why Marketers Need To Double Down on Digital Marketing

Discover how doubling down on your digital marketing can help bridge the gap between customer engagement and demand generation.

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Why Content Is Key In Influencing Your Market

Decisions are often influenced by content we see, and that is the same for your target market. Learn how to out-market your competition with smart content.

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What Makes Content Great?

Your marketing content needs to work harder than ever for successful results. Here are 6 effective steps which can help enhance your content.

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Look The Part, Be The Part

In an ever-changing digital world, how you market yourself is the difference between success and failure. Learn how to establish and improve your brand identity.

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What Does Content Marketing Really Mean

What Does ‘Content Marketing’ Really Mean?

If you want to see success and results from content marketing, there are considerations and steps you should be actively taking before hitting publish.

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