The Solution Already Exists, It’s Just Hiding Elsewhere

I recently read an excellent book—”Evolutionary Ideas”—in which Sam Tatam outlines the powerful concept of biomimicry. Tatam speaks of individuals…

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I recently read an excellent book—”Evolutionary Ideas”—in which Sam Tatam outlines the powerful concept of biomimicry. Tatam speaks of individuals that have drawn inspiration from nature’s proven systems to solve modern challenges. Darwin’s theory of evolution is essentially an endless A/B test to determine the most optimised versions of each species. This idea resonated deeply, as I’ve always felt the most innovative solutions come from blending disparate perspectives. Look where you don’t feel comfortable, search uncharted territories, explore and experiment. For me, that’s been the answer to creative improvement.

At Cremarc, we took a page from this playbook for our client Advanced Dynamics, a leading manufacturer of packaging machinery. Instead of relying solely on traditional B2B marketing tactics, we looked outside the box to an entirely different domain: eCommerce.

The typical B2B buying process is oriented around lead generation—getting potential customers to raise their hand via website forms, content downloads, etc. and passing those Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to the sales team. But we realised the eCommerce model of facilitating low-friction, self-directed buyer journeys could be better suited to Advanced Dynamics’ needs.

At their core, companies like Advanced Dynamics face a human problem: connecting with prospective buyers in an authentic, frictionless way. The typical B2B marketing playbook focuses narrowly on sequential lead gen tactics through a funnel-lens without stepping back to understand the whole buyer mentality and situation. Out of this creative thought experiment, a new marketing strategy was born.

Applying an eCommerce Mindset to B2B Marketing

While manufacturers can’t simply add products to an online shopping cart, the B2B buyers we needed to target show similar behaviour to B2C consumers. They have low attention spans, demand fast personalised service, and bristle at being aggressively pushed toward a sale before they’re ready.

We realised that instead of jumping the gun on lead forms and MQL generation, we could let buyers qualify themselves through a self-directed evaluation process mimicking eCommerce:

Streamlined product experiences:

Formatting machine listings similar to Amazon product pages with multimedia, clear overviews and specs. No disruptive lead forms—just an optional “Get a Quote” CTA that’s there when they’re ready.

Buyer education:

Videos, animations and downloadable documentation allowing visitors to understand products on their own terms and making it easy for this content to be shared with other members of the buying committee. It’s vital to remember that B2B buyers don’t often operate by themselves; they’re usually one in a group of researchers, decision makers and buyers.

Frictionless quoting:

Instead of generic “Contact Us” forms, buyers could simply submit for a custom quote powered by their self-guided research and tailored by the Advanced Dynamics sales team. We leave it open so they can say what their problem is and request an audit for the right machine, or they can select the machine they need, and the sales team can go back to them with a plan of action.

Where traditional outdated lead gen rushes buyers through the funnel, our approach empowered Advanced Dynamics’ site visitors to control their journey.

A New Pipeline of Revenue Opportunities

By combining these eCommerce principles with SEO and targeted PPC, we stopped generating MQLs and started driving real sales opportunities.

  • Daily inbound enquiries
  • 30% increase in overall website conversions
  • A strong consistent pipeline of new business opportunities

From day one, we aligned Advanced Dynamics’ sales team as the beneficiary of our marketing engine. Instead of focusing narrowly on MQL targets, our shared goal was creating a steady stream of realistic, revenue-generating sales opportunities. Not only did we achieve that aim, but we have maintained it.

Looking Outside for a Fresh Perspective

Too often, B2B marketing gets confined by the same stale conventions and KPIs. We need to constantly scan the full landscape, even including unexpected areas like eCommerce, for inspired new approaches.

Tatam’s biomimicry ethos of “the solutions already exist; we just need to look elsewhere” proved powerful. Our eCommerce-minded strategy transformed Advanced Dynamics’ website into a powerful self-service sales channel. It skipped over the top-of-funnel and nurtured buyers directly to the decision stage through immersive self-navigating experiences.

At Cremarc, we’re obsessed with exploring this boundless mindset. We constantly cross-pollinate B2B tactics with fresh perspectives like B2C behaviour patterns, evolutionary psychology and more. It’s innovation through the mashup of diverse ideas.

Being best in class means always seeking an advantageous new angle, just like nature’s ingenious survival strategies across millions of years. When marketing becomes an interconnected system of business impact, brand creativity and scientific experimentation, we unlock our full potential. But only then. It’s survival of the fittest, and by that, we mean you need to use your brain. Marketing is simply business growth through awareness, demand generation, and demand capture. Whether that’s achieved through advertising, comms, customer service, brand building, storytelling, a cold email, an intrusive DM, or a combination of it all is up to you. The only thing you must do is take a step back and think creatively about what you’re trying to achieve.

If you really think about what you’re trying to achieve and why you’re trying to achieve it, keep an open mind for the how and the answer will present itself.

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