Our Environmental Policy

We only have one world, let’s not destroy it.


Our goal is to practice sustainability and to be as eco-friendly as possible.

We commit to only printing when absolutely necessary and prioritise the use of digital documents internally and with our clients.

We have the ambition of moving to a fully cloud-supported IT infrastructure in the near future and will do all in our power to keep to this commitment.

We will look at quantifying our carbon footprint and identifying the potential ways that we can reduce this or, where not possible, offset it.

We have implemented a ‘hot desking’ approach in our office, removing the need for constant connection to main line electricity with desktop computers.

We have relocated our head office to central Woking to ensure that all our colleagues and clients have the opportunity to choose public transport when travelling into the office. Combined with our flexible working hours, this means that colleagues and clients can choose a less busy route on the train or bus.

We conduct periodic exercise challenges to encourage our employees to walk more and drive less. Our employee pension scheme is held with Standard Life, a company that has embedded principles of responsible investment, and takes Environmental factors into consideration when designing their investment solutions.

All our employees’ email signatures include a line to promote consciousness around the damage that paper production has on the environment; “Please consider the environment before printing this email”.


About 41% of all websites worldwide are operated with WordPress, and internet operations already account for almost 10% of global energy consumption. We optimise our client WordPress websites where possible and have monthly reviews of their plugins to ensure that we are not wasting energy.

Our website runs on sustainable energy, is cleaner than 65% of websites tested with www.websitecarbon.com, and we are doing all we can in optimising this further. Our website emits the amount of carbon that 4 trees absorb in a year. We commit to planting at least 4 trees every year to offset the emissions of our website.

Since 2021, we have planted 250 trees every December with Ecologi to help offset our carbon footprint.

We have also offset 5 tonnes of carbon by funding two amazing sustainability projects; Preserving the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil, and an exciting Wind power generation project in Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam!

Furthermore, there is a project in Minas Gerais that is generating electricity from landfill gas. We have helped fund this project through Ecologi, and our contribution is helping to achieve the 350,000 MWh of energy that the project is predicted to produce.


Proactively learn more about how your workplace and colleagues affect the environment, and try to adapt your existing processes into more eco-friendly ones.

Always make the effort, and never give up! It’s a process that we all need to go through, and we believe that everyone should be doing their best.

Stay green!

– The Cremarc Team

[Last updated in December 2023]

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