Sometimes You Need to Ignore the Rules and “be More Dog”

be more dog

We are lucky enough to have family in Long Island NY, so my children spent most of August with their grandparents and wider family. I managed to escape work for a couple of weeks and spend time with them including my first trip ever to Fire Island.

It was here that Harrison got his first ‘splinter’ from a wooden fence. Miles away from home and the rest of the day ahead of us we decided to take him to the First Aid post to get it sorted before heading to the beach. A smartly dressed ranger was there to greet us and after I explained the plight of my son he responded. “Sir, in the state of New York, removing a splinter is considered to be a surgical procedure and I am not permitted to do that.” As I looked at him in disbelief I asked if I could borrow a pair of tweezers from his First Aid kit to remove the offending splinter myself. His response was “Sir, I am not permitted to do that; all I can do is offer you a BandAid.”

Please don’t let my story prevent you from visiting Fire Island; it is amazing and well worth the visit, but the sheer ridiculousness of this situation should act as a lesson to us all. Just because we don’t normally do something, or it’s not in the rule book should not stop us from doing what is obviously right.

Do you remember the O2 adverts from a few years ago “Be More Dog”? It simply encouraged people to be different, well Mr Ranger you definitely need to be more dog – and probably we all do.

In the world of marketing I see examples of this every day. We’ve always done this trade show, this is our corporate email banner, advertising on Facebook is not what we do…… The world of marketing is all about getting noticed; that does not happen if you are a cat among cats, it happens when you “be more dog.”

I once had the pleasure of listening to Jeffrey Hayzlett who in a keynote presentation encouraged an audience of marketers to be braver. In his usual style he rallied us – it’s marketing, no one will die – the worse that might happen is you get a paper cut. He’s right.

I am a great believer in the fact that there is no such thing as B2B Marketing. Even when you are positioning your products, solutions and services to businesses, it is people that you are trying to engage with – so appeal to people. I am not saying we have to be outrageous or wacky, but I am saying we have to step out of artificial comfort zones and think differently. Buyers are bombarded with corporate marketing, if you want to stand out from the crowd you need to appeal to the person, be where they are, communicate on their channels and be refreshing.

So, I have a new rule. At the top of my to do list is the phrase ‘be more dog’ – try it.

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