A New Approach to eMarketing – Thinking & Acting Differently

Cremarc - Creative Marketing

Every marketer that I speak to is experiencing diminishing returns from eMarketing. This is because most potential buyers view the eMarketing that they receive as junk; they hardly ever open the email and they are even less likely to click on the content. Why?

• Because their inbox is full of eshots, offers and irrelevant messages

• They don’t have to rely on information being pushed to them, they can go looking for it when they need it

Why Have Marketers Killed eMarketing?
Firstly, eMarketing is not dead. However, in its traditional form, it is on the critical list. The reason for this is that, in our eagerness to produce results, we get things the wrong way round.

We start by creating that Killer Campaign containing everything we want to say and then we blast it out to everyone we know – the marketing equivalent of hit and hope.

What We Need To Do Differently
Not only have I done a lot of thinking about this, but I have also been testing my theory and it is working. Here are my six golden rules – and the order is important.

1. Start With Objectives
What am I trying to achieve? Generate net new engagements to feed the marketing funnel or progress opportunities along the funnel, i.e. acquisition or nurture?

2. Define Audience Persona
Define the audience appropriate to your objectives and understand and segment them. What type of organisations, contact personas, stage in potential buying cycle – what is their interest and what do they need.

3. Then Create Your Campaign
It makes sense that you can only create your campaign once you have defined who you want to talk to and what they want to hear – this is targeting and so often people get this wrong.

4. Establish Credibility
It is naive to think that one email will generate a flood of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). An email should focus on establishing and progressing engagement – get this right and the MQLs will flow. Don’t sell too hard. Ensure you provide value and remember that the average buyer engages seven times before they are ready to speak to a sales person.

5. Know Your Next Step
It is essential to stop thinking of eMarketing as a series of isolated, one-off emails. We are trying to cultivate prospects through the marketing funnel and as such we need to have a journey through this funnel in mind. It is a nurture programme not an eShot.

6. Personalise
The further a prospect progresses through the marketing funnel, the more personalised you need to be. This is not simply using their name in the opening of an email. It is using what you know about them to send them highly targeted next steps in their journey – if they clicked on an infographic, send them the accompanying research report or white paper.

eMarketing is Alive and Well!

It is not email that is dying but our traditional approach to eMarketing. Good riddance to it. We need to stop thinking of email as a way of getting messaging out but think of it as a way of telling the right people, the right things at the right time.

This for me has been made possible with Marketing Automation.