Marketing, at the Sharpest End

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This is my first blog – well technically speaking that is not true, I have actually written hundreds of blogs, but this is the first time I am writing one as me. Let me explain.

I am a marketer and I love marketing – there is nothing more rewarding than taking something the ‘clever people’ have created and then getting the target market to not only understand it, but to want it.

What is slightly different about me, and some would say crazy, is that I don’t just do this for one company; I do it for lots of companies at the same time. I am the joint owner of a marketing company, that as well as providing marketing services, acts as the virtual marketing department for a wide range of ICT organisations.

The great thing about doing this is that every day is a learning day – whether that be a comment in a meeting, a new approach that is proven to work, or a clever piece of marketing I see on the way to work – so Gary’s blog is aimed at sharing this.

Why is Marketing the Sharpest End?

We have all heard sales be referred to as the sharp end of the business; it is where revenue is created and without revenue, there would be no business.

But what is it that sales rely on? – Demand. They need to be pointed in the right direction and to be effective, targeted at a list of potential buyers that not only have a business or personal need, but also have an appreciation that your company/product is able to meet this.

For the sharp-end (sales) to work, the even sharper end (marketing) also has to work. I guess I have always known this, but this year I have really felt it. It is still economically tough and as the recession goes on I am finding people are spending less time talking to me about brand and awareness marketing and more time focused on demand generation. I am also seeing less of marketing working in isolation and more of marketing working exceptionally tightly with sales – not just playing a ‘walk-on part’ or supporting role, but taking joint ownership for achieving the revenue number.

So I want to start the crusade of getting the world to recognise marketing as the Sharper, or Sharpest, end of the business and hopefully my continued blogging will, if only a little, contribute to this.