Making The Most Of Your Clients

Cremarc - Creative Marketing

Today I was sat on the Waterloo & City Line, never a pleasant experience, but was intrigued by the latest Microsoft campaign which caught my attention.

A very simple advert stated that Capgemini were now on Office 365, a second avert succinctly explained why a dynamic, multi-national like Capgemini are benefiting from cloud-based Microsoft Office.

There are a number of key takeaways from this advert. Firstly if it was yet another Microsoft branded technology advert, it probably would not have caught my eye. Because it was the voice of the end-user it did. Secondly, it has completely changed the ‘compartmentalisation’ where my mind had filed Office 365. I simply thought this was an infrastructure-as-a-service aimed at SMEs – in no one’s world can you describe Capgemini as an SME.

Do We Under Leverage Clients?
The answer to this question is more often than not yes. There is always a reason why we can’t use a name, a logo or produce a case study. The reality is that our clients can speak far louder than we can ever do. A recent campaign run by Cremarc had the headline ‘a customer story is worth 1000 datasheets’ and this is very true.

Potential buyers want to know that other companies similar to them or who they aspire to use a particular solution from a particular company. Why someone else bought your product is highly likely to be the same reason why someone else will also buy.

So the value associated with utilising customer references should drive us through the obstacles, objections and pains of producing case studies.

Don’t Dismiss Think Differently
Here are five ways that we recommend to our clients to think differently and drive forward on case studies:

1.    If a customer cannot do a full case study – do a summary, it’s far better than doing nothing.

2.    Negotiate rights when negotiating a deal, get something in return for that extra discount you are inevitably going to give anyway – ask for rights to use their name and logo in marketing.

3.    Don’t do what many companies do and write a long, tedious case study that will never get read. Use the customer wisely by capturing key challenges they faced, why they chose you and the value they have got. One clearly articulated statement is worth many fluffy points.

4.    Get help, excuse the sales pitch, but use a company like Cremarc to capture the story and pitch it right for the market. Clients are more likely to say more relevant and complementary things to an outsider.  Clients tend to assume you already know them inside out and therefore will not share some of the hidden gems with you.

5.    Capture once and use many times – don’t just write and forget, incorporate in your website, social media and campaigns.

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