Is Good, Good Enough?

good enough - cremarc

Last week I hosted an event for one of our clients and had the privilege of introducing James Cracknell OBE as our guest speaker. First, I have to say what an amazing guy, having won two Olympic Gold Medals and six World Championships, James has also rowed across the Atlantic and raced to the South Pole.

“So what has this got to do with marketing?” I hear you say. Well inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. There were many stories that James told that demonstrated that anything is possible if you focus and have the determination to succeed. One point in particular that truly resonated was about always driving to improve.

James spoke about the determination of the rowing team to be the best in the world and how they worked hard to achieve this. But once this goal had been reached they knew they could not sit back and rest on their laurels, but needed to work even harder to ensure that none of the other teams could catch them.

This is true in business and indeed marketing. All too often I see marketing teams repeating the formula from the previous year and disappointed that they are getting diminishing returns. The reality is we live and work in a dynamic world and what was good enough last year is most certainly not good enough this year and will be way behind next year.

So, we need to always strive to make incremental improvements and this is where tools such as Marketing Automation fits in. As these tools continually evolve they enable us to redefine how we market, not only improving how we do things, but enabling us to do new things, things that before were just not possible or too difficult.

Time to be controversial. I have a suspicion that most people using marketing automation simply use the tool to do the same things that they have always done. Even those who have gone the extra mile to introduce new approaches are still only simply scratching the surface of the full potential.

If you have Marketing Automation in place I believe you have a real opportunity to put some space between you and the competition, however, you have to fully utilise the power at your fingertips. This is why at Cremarc, we have decided to pose a challenge – to allow you to assess your use of Marketing Automation and understand where you sit on our scale from Novice to Genius.

The idea behind our Marketing Automation Assessment is two-fold. First, we believe we are quite sharp when it comes to this subject and therefore we know the questions to ask and we can hopefully point you in the right direction (no catch, no charge). Second, we would love to get a benchmark of how people are using Marketing Automation; this would help us all to see where we stack up and where we should be pushing the boundaries even more.

So please take the five minutes that is required to complete our Marketing Automation Assessment, and answer the questions honestly. We will then provide you with your initial report on how you stack up on our scale of Novice to Guru and will give you some pointers on where you can do more. We will also send you a copy of our full report when available so you can see, anonymously how you compare.

To be the best, you first need to have the best in your sights.