Cremarc Stands Up To Cancer


Everyone knows someone who has been affected by Cancer and the devastation that it can bring to families and friends. At Cremarc, we have and continue to be affected by this terrible disease with a number of us currently supporting family and friends as they battle cancer.

This is why for the past two years we have chosen to support Cancer Research UK and why this year myself and Rachel are embarking on a crazy challenge to raise money for this worthwhile cause.

The Challenge

On Saturday 7th July 2018, Rachel and I are taking on the Fan Dance. This is nothing like the name suggests. The Fan Dance is part of the SAS (British Special Forces) Test Selection. It involves a 24km race over Pen Y Fan mountain and back in boots and carrying a full military backpack (Bergen). I will be carrying 35lb plus 3-5 litres of water making total weight closer to 45lb and Rachel will be carrying 25lb plus the same amount of water making that closer to 35lb. It involves Tabbing (Tactical Advance into Battle) – that means you march up the hills and run down the hills and on the flat. The ultimate goal is to complete the race within 4 hours which is the SAS qualifying time, however, this is a very tall order for civilians.

The Training

The training is tough. Every opportunity we get we are out their pounding the streets and hills. Our usual two British Military Fitness sessions per week have been supplemented with runs without weight and two Tabs a week in the hills with full weight in our backpacks. We are currently putting in 10km Tabs, but over the coming weeks will be extending these up to 20km per session. If you find yourself at Newlands Corner or Box Hill, you will probably see us.

The Good Cause

When the training hurts we just keep thinking of the reason why we are doing this – to support Cancer Research UK and the hope that one day they will find a cure.

Unfortunately, everyone knows at least one person who has/had Cancer. One in two people in the UK will develop Cancer in their lifetime…and that is a terrifying and horrible statistic. We want to do our small bit to help researchers find a cure.

You can help by making a small donation on our Just Giving Page.

Gary is the Managing Director of Cremarc, a specialist B2B marketing company that helps organisations to deliver effective marketing through storytelling, marketing automation and cleverly designed ‘challenger marketing’.