We are a B2B Digital Marketing Agency focused exclusively on the technology sector. We understand the technology world, but more importantly, we know how to help our clients out-market their competition and maximise their return on marketing investment.
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A B2B digital marketing agency delivering impact

At Cremarc we start with strategy, remove complexity, inject creativity and then focus on results.

Like you, we’re focused on proof, data and results. It’s our mission to give you the concrete outcomes and measurable growth that you need.

Like the rest of the tech world, we work at pace, applying rational, practical and scientific methods that we call Marketing Telemetry. When we add innovation and creativity, impressive results start to happen.
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A B2B technology marketing agency

Our work for B2B technology companies

We believe that data drives B2B marketing performance. When coupled with creativity, they deliver transformational results.

We apply this to everything we do, whether that be helping you to redefine your marketing strategy or injecting specific expertise to drive elements of your digital marketing execution.

Quantum Website Design

Website design and development to accelerate Quantum’s digital strategy and help the business stand out in a competitive market.

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DWS Social Posts

Social posts designed to be effective and engaging

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Suredrop Advert

Visually stunning display ad design

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Nectar Ebook

A solution portfolio made easy to digest, with a touch of brilliance incorporated into the designs

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What we do: B2B digital marketing

As an experienced B2B Marketing Agency we can work with you to really understand your brand identity and vision. We research, plan and execute a strategy that is aligned with your core business values and proposition.

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We deliver digital impact through web, search, socials and integrated campaigns. More importantly, we integrate your digital marketing, measure everything and generate results.

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As a B2B technology marketing agency, we love marketing all aspects of technology: it enables us to achieve more. We can help you understand what is possible and through smart tools, change the game in how you drive and measure marketing.

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There are certain accounts, or types of organisations, that you want to work with. Through account-based marketing we can help you to be laser focused and open doors for you that have previously been closed.

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How you tell your story determines how you engage with your target market. We create content that captures attention, draws in your target personas, and turns initial interest into intent to purchase.

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B2B Marketing Agency main activities

Why we’re improving the impact of B2B digital marketing

Focused on the tech sector


We are focused on the B2B technology sector, it’s our world too and it’s where we know how to make a difference.

Progressive B2B marketing agency


We are forward-thinking, we challenge, and we can help you out-market your competition whilst adapting to industry trends.

Impactful campaigns


By focusing on your desired outcomes, we align strategy with execution in the best way possible to drive results.

Creative copywriting


We aim to rise above the noise, by being different and getting noticed, with each design being carefully constructed to meet your vision.

Analytical marketing


By measuring everything that we do, we continually learn how to evolve our strategy, to drive a greater return on marketing investment.

Some of our technology sector clients

Cremarc have been instrumental in our internationalisation efforts by providing valuable market insights and assisting us in the required lead-to-revenue programmes and processes. Their ongoing support has been a welcome addition to the team.

Antoine Gouder


Cremarc helped us launch our brand with an exciting new website and a range of vital brochures. They understood our technical subject matter and successfully formed the messaging for our awareness campaign.

Steve Watts


The Cremarc team are a lifeline to a busy start-up - they go the extra mile to be an extension of your team (or your whole team!), proactively identifying opportunities to scale and delivering what you need reliably and consistently, even at short notice.

Gemma Robaczynski

Vice President of Marketing

We truly see Cremarc as a key part of the NAK team, their experience in the tech sector combined with their marketing expertise has helped us to focus our proposition and drive engagement with our target audience.

Jonathan Green


The Cremarc team work with speed but not at the sacrifice of quality. We don’t need to promise the business an evolved strategy or a more innovative marketing team in 6-12 months; Cremarc is ensuring we get there now.

Alison Tyrrell

Vice President International Marketing

Put simply, the guys at Cremarc have been fantastic and cover all our marketing needs. If you’re looking for a new, proactive and forward-thinking marketing agency, look no further!

Tom Smith

Managing Director

The Cremarc team have demonstrated an understanding of our business, our product and our market and have enabled us to tell a compelling story as to why Liquid Voice brings unmatched benefits.

Chris Burden


Our focus on B2B marketing technology

As a B2B Account-Based Marketing Agency, we believe that marketing technology and strong partnerships can deliver transformational value to our clients. As A B2B technology marketeers we are constantly exploring what is possible, and as an agency we help our clients to generate value from MarTech.

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