Matt Berry - COO of Cremarc - B2B marketing agency

Matt Berry

Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Matt’s absolute focus is implementing the foundations for growth. This encompasses many initiatives, but is centred around: people, process, proposition and innovation. Why these? When all of these things work together, there is nothing that can stop us reaching our objectives.

Sealed with a KISS - keep your marketing messaging simple.

Sealed with a KISS – B2B Marketing Messaging

Turning the mundane into something interesting is a bit of a marketing artform, but there are times when it can go too far. When messaging is too complex or convoluted, it not only loses its impact, but it’s in danger of also becoming confusing, or irrelevant. Whatever happened to “it does exactly what it says on the tin?

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SEO Predictions Blog

A Controversial Prediction on the Future of SEO

Yes, I have picked this topic on purpose and the main reason is to start a conversation on the future of SEO. I’ve read a lot of ‘this person said this’ type articles, but no one seems to be venturing their own opinions on the future of SEO.

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Matt Berry - COO of Cremarc - B2B marketing agency

I’m a COO and I have dyslexia

I am a 33-year-old COO and yes, as the title states, I have dyslexia. Right now, this post sounds like…

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