George Heginbotham

George Heginbotham

Paid Media & SEO Consultant

George is our tenacious SEO and Paid Media Consultant who creatively solves campaign weaknesses and delivers results that exceed client expectations. His passion for understanding consumer behaviour enables him to effectively optimise and manage campaigns.

GA4 limitations

GA4 Limitations: Channel Data Collection & Conversion Tracking Challenges

Are you noticing discrepancies between the number of clicks reported in Google Ads and the number of users reported in…

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the 3 pillars of B2B Lead Generation

How to Generate B2B Leads – 3 Fundamental Pillars

Mastering how to generate B2B leads involves three critical pillars: precise audience targeting, compelling offers, and effective landing pages.

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ultimate B2B marketing dictionary

35 B2B Digital Marketing Terms To Learn in 2024

Exploring B2B marketing can feel like navigating a new country, filled with unfamiliar terms and easy misunderstandings that could lead…

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Understanding Search intent

Understanding Search Intent

Tailoring search marketing to user desires, ensuring content meets expectations, and driving conversions by giving users exactly what they want.

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AI Search by Google and Microsoft: What’s It All About?

Generative AI search is changing SEO’s landscape. Both Google and Bing focus on user experience. Digital marketing embraces these tech shifts. Understanding users is key

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