Account-Based Marketing

ABM allows you to target specific organisations you want to do business with and deliver laser-focused messages that are aligned to their needs.

Why does this work? By demonstrating an intimate understanding of your target and directly relating your offering to their needs, you step above the market noise and clearly differentiate yourself.

It is an approach that top performing sales organisations have been using for years with target account selling and big deal attack plans, but now marketing has the tools and technologies to do it at scale and with even greater precision.

The implications are clear: ABM will help you win bigger deals. So check out our latest video now or download our eBook.

ABM for Sales Leaders

Top sales performers have long understood big game hunting. They choose their targets carefully and research the power circle and the issues that drive their agenda. Then they make the right approach to the right people at the right time. It’s not rocket science, but it follows well-established processes and it has been formalised in any number of sales methodologies.

Up to now, it has relied on the excellence of individual sales people to make it work, but that’s all changing.

Recent developments in tools and technologies enable marketers to align their activities more closely to the disciplines of big game hunting. With ABM, marketers can deliver personalised messages to individual members of the power circle, and to track how these individuals are engaging with you. So, when it’s time for the sales person to engage, marketing can provide actionable insights that make the first call really count.

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