Integrated Campaigns For B2B Digital Marketing

Transforming demand creation through highly focused and multi-channel B2B digital campaigns.

Demand generation campaigns

Your ultimate aim is to produce leads – but sales and marketing harmony is only achieved when these are the right type of leads. When it comes to delivering results with integrated campaigns, we think like salespeople and act like marketers – creating a win-win situation.

Our role is to help you improve the effectiveness of your demand generation. This starts with looking at what you want to achieve, using data to drive decisions and injecting creativity to drive results. This consists of building multi-channel digital campaigns that not only fill the top of the marketing funnel but progresses interest through the funnelm to deliver qualified leads for the sales team to develop.

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Integrated campaign services

The most effective campaigns are those that leverage multiple channels to reach your audience, gain their attention, and turn initial interest into intent to buy.

We help you clearly define campaign purpose and measurable objectives. We can then map out the elements and flow of your integrated approach.

By clearly defining your audience we can target your messaging and create compelling content that engages each persona.

Our expertise in paid media and marketing automation enables us to build all the elements of your campaign and meticulously manage its execution.

We don’t wait until the end of a campaign to measure its effectiveness: we use campaign telemetry to measure the end-to-end components, continually refining, to drive best possible performance.

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Creating integrated campaign journeys

The best campaigns take prospects on a journey, aligned to their purchasing cycle. It shapes their thinking and creates a need. It draws them in to what you do and how you can deliver value for them. It also substantiates your claims and generates credibility.

Utilising all the appropriate channels available is key, combining paid media, syndicated content and eMarketing. This not only enables you to expand your reach through a multi-channel approach but drives greater effectiveness by having the channels supporting each other.

Quality & quantity

Whether you are looking at a campaign to land new logos, or engagement to expand business into your existing customers, the goal is both quantity and quality.

We work with clients to gain visibility down the complete sales and marketing funnel. This allows us to define ideal buyer profiles and constantly refine targeting, so that we can understand the qualification criteria that influences the propensity to convert.

By taking this systematic approach, we look to continually drive improvement in conversion rates, while creating a ‘demand generation’ approach that can scale.

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Campaign telemetry and ROI

The beauty of digital marketing is that you can measure virtually everything.

You can track engagement with emails, content, social posts, and visits to your website. This allows you to truly understand each component of your integrated campaign, but more, importantly, how the elements support each other.

Combined with lead scoring, this enables you to understand funnel progressing and which components of your campaign are most effective at moving leads forward.

This is where we get excited. Campaign telemetry enables you to be data-driven in continually refining and improving performance: you’re no longer reliant on opinion, and are able to accurately measure ROI.

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