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Tech buyers engage digitally. They are influenced by social media or start their journey with a google search, and they engage with websites and impactful digital content. To capture today’s buyer, you need to be aligned to their entire digital journey.

Digital marketing spans many disciplines from your website to SEO and paid search, from eMarketing through to social and paid media. As an Integrated B2B Agency, we have built expertise in each of these areas and more importantly, how to blend all the aspects of digital marketing to drive results.

Digital B2B Marketing at Cremarc

Our B2B Digital Marketing Services


You need to be creative as there are already far too many tech companies just playing it safe. To stand out from the crowd you need to capture the attention, and we do this not just through creative design, but also creative thinking.

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Integrated Campaigns

Your ultimate aim is to produce leads, but sales and marketing harmony is only achieved when these are the right type of leads. When it comes to delivering results with integrated campaigns, we like to believe that we think likes salespeople and act like marketers – creating a win-win.

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PPC and Paid Media

Almost two-thirds of all buying journeys now start with an online search and we are able to help you to tap into this, you will find that leads generated in this manner will not only have a higher conversion rate but will progress to a sale quicker.

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A lead that originates from search is far more likely to convert to an opportunity - the very fact that they are searching means they have a need. We're here to help you capture that need.

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Web Design & Development

We help tech companies create hardworking and compelling websites, with seamless user journeys, through website design, UX and web development.

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Marketing telemetry that drives performance

Where understanding the performance of each component is important, real value is driven by understanding how the elements work together – this is where we use marketing telemetry.

Today, marketing doesn't have to be based on instinct and opinion; digital marketing enables you to measure everything and make decisions based on facts. We provide you with that visibility into the performance of every aspect of your digital marketing.

It's not just about the performance of each component, but how these work together to drive better results. For example, we help you see how your social activity impacts the performance of your integrated campaigns enabling you to get a true perspective of ROI.

Highly effective digital marketing drives prospects through your marketing funnel. We help you capture multi-touch attribution in order to better understand and tune activity to drive faster funnel progression.

The value of working with A B2B Integrated Marketing Agency

We believe we offer true and unique value to our clients across digital marketing. What makes us different is that we are not just experts across every part of the digital world, we are also experts in the tech sector, bringing that all important context into what we do. This enables us to deliver significant value.

Maximise your reach

By leveraging the right mix of digital channels for your target audience and blending these to capture attention, understand your customer behaviour, build credibility and drive much broader engagement with the organisations you are targeting.

Drive Better Conversions

By quickly understanding what is working and what's not, by being creative in how we engage your audience, and focused on who we want to engage with. All of these factors ensure better quality conversions that we can help with growing your business.

Measurable ROI

Through utilising marketing telemetry, we measure everything so you can quickly understand which elements of your marketing mixare driving the greatest results. Together this enables us to make the right calls on where to focus your investment.

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