It is a common misconception that SEO is all about keywords and content. To make these count, you must first ensure you have the basics right, that your site is crawlable by the search engines and what they find they view as favourable.

Our free-of-charge SEO Helicopter Audit provides you with a technical snapshot of how your site is viewed in the eyes of the search engines. It will assess those factors that the search engines use to rank your site and provide you with a priority list of remedial steps you should take to get the basics right.

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What The SEO Helicopter Audit Covers

The SEO Helicopter Audit focuses on those factors that are used by the search engines to judge the authority, credibility, and user experience of your website. This is what we call the SEO technical basics; without getting these right, you will gain little benefits from focusing on keywords and content.

We utilise our tools to view your site in the eyes of the search engines. We will test whether your site is accessible and crawlable; if it is not, then you cannot expect to be indexed. We then look at the critical factor of security. Are all of your pages deemed to be secure by the search engines?

We then move onto factors that affect end-user experience and that are critical in order to be viewed favourably by the search engines. This includes page load speeds, how mobile-friendly your site is and your use of both internal and external links.

The SEO Helicopter Audit report provides you with a snapshot of your website performance across the key areas; it will indicate how you compare to industry benchmarks and point you in the direction of those priority areas where there are issues that are detrimental to your search engine ranking.

The Value Of The SEO Helicopter Audit

We find organisations spend a lot of time and money focusing on their keywords and content with little to no impact on their search engine ranking. This is because they have fundamental technical SEO issues on their site which will always prevent them from climbing the search results.

The value of the SEO Helicopter Audit is that it will clearly show you if you are suffering from these issues. It will give you a view of your site from the perspective of the search engines and will direct you in taking the remedial steps (often simple to execute) that will then support your efforts to improve your ranking with Google and the other search engines.