The Marketing Discovery is a free-of-charge service we offer to help organisations map how marketing can help their business grow. We spend time with you to understand your business, your challenges and your aspirations for growth. We then help you define a clear set of objectives for taking your proposition to your target market and building engagement with your target audience.

The output of the discovery is a clear roadmap for how you go to market and the activities you should be performing to raise awareness, generate interest and cultivate this into opportunities.



If you think a Marketing Discovery could help your organisation, simply complete the form below and we will be in touch with you to book your session.


We kick-off the discovery with a virtual workshop with the key people in your organisation; this is normally the CEO/Managing Director and Sales Leader. We start by looking at what you are trying to achieve. What are your growth aspirations? Where is this growth likely to come from and what is currently holding you back?

We then drill down on what you have done in the past; if you have tried marketing before, where and why has this failed? We take a look at your competition to understand how they are doing things and why they are succeeding where you are not.

After the initial session, we spend time reviewing your website and existing marketing material in order to appraise this and identify the gaps.

We present back our view on what is holding you back and those areas where marketing can be used to drive you forward. We provide a roadmap for marketing within your business and even present an outline marketing plan that we feel is right for your business now and is able to take you where you want to be.


We find that a lot of organisations make false starts with marketing; they invest time and money in initiatives that fail to deliver on what they are looking to achieve. Our Marketing Discovery is aimed at preventing this. It ensures you have a clear definition of what you want marketing to deliver, and as such, allows for specific objectives to be set.

The Marketing Discovery provides you with a roadmap to take you from where you are now to where you want to be and focuses in on the activity you should be doing to generate the outcomes you are looking for.