Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is the difference between being good at marketing and being brilliant.

However, as with any application, having the license alone does not generate the results. For true success with Marketing Automation, you need to be clear on your objectives, deploy it in the right way and continually optimise it for the needs of your business.

Having someone around who has done this many times before can be a great help.

Marketing Automation

The Value of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Value

The benefits and value that can be generated from Marketing Automation are more far-reaching than can be described in just a few paragraphs. However, we thought you would want us to give it a go, so here are the headlines.

Integrate Marketing Activity

Marketing is not about exploiting a single medium. An integrated campaign spans social, web, inbound and outbound activity. Marketing Automation serves as an overarching framework or command centre to give you an holistic view of the performance of each element of the campaign and how they inter-relate.

Smarter Marketing

It is often your toolkit and not your thinking that restricts how good your marketing is. Marketing Automation enables you to implement best practice, to deliver activity personalised to the individual target and to do far more than you previously thought was possible.

Pipeline Nurture & Qualification

With over half of the buying cycle taking place before sales engagement, marketing has to focus on pipeline and funnel management. Marketing Automation provides you with intelligence on each potential buyer, what stage they are at and their level of interest.

More Effective Sales Leads

Each person in the funnel now has a fully-tracked digital footprint, detailing their engagement with marketing. This means that leads can be more effectively qualified, sales can be directed to engage at the right time and with levels of intelligence that are beyond the expectations of the most demanding sales team.

Enabling Revenue Marketing

Marketing Automation delivers against the age-old challenge of marketing: the accurate attribution of spend to revenue generated. In addition, it provides intelligence to continually improve the return on marketing spend.

CRM Integration

Seamlessly connect your marketing activity with your CRM platform, including, MS Dynamics, Sugar and Netsuite.

Masters in Marketing Automation

Cremarc are specialists in Marketing Automation. We love it, are passionate about it and know how to extract every last ounce of value it can provide.

Our experience spans all of the leading platforms, including Act-On, HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot. This has enabled us to understand and develop best practice, to advise clients on the most suitable platform for their needs and to help them deploy Marketing Automation quickly, effortlessly and effectively.

Experts in marketing automation

Marketing Automation – We Love Them All

Act-On Marketing Automation

HubSpot Marketing Automation

Marketo Marketing Automation

Pardot Marketing Automation

We love Marketing Automation. We aren’t just experts in the principles, we’ve built up in-depth expertise in each of the major platforms. We understand their strengths and can navigate the gaps to fast-track the time-to-value for our clients who use Marketing Automation.

Our Marketing Automation Services

We find people face two significant challenges with Marketing Automation. The first is to select the right platform – they all seem to do the same thing, right? Wrong. The second is operationalising it. Marketing Automation does not transform your marketing – it’s the way you deploy and use it that makes the impact. Cremarc is ideally placed to help you through both of these challenges and beyond.

Marketing Automation Services


Whether you want to sanity check your decision, or need unbiased assistance in defining your requirements and selecting the right Marketing Automation platform, we can help. We use each of the leading platforms in anger every day, and can guide you through your options.


Regardless of what the vendors say, deploying Marketing Automation can be complex, especially if you’ve never done it before. This is where we help – we’ve done it many times before. We know what you need to do, the pitfalls you need to avoid and how to get the maximum benefit from your platform.


It’s common for us to be brought into organisations that have become frustrated with Marketing Automation. It’s usually a case of them struggling to get their platform to deliver what they need. We help by quickly assessing your deployment, identifying the issues and making practical recommendations that can unlock its true potential.


For clients that don’t have the internal expertise, we provide a fully-managed service around their Marketing Automation platform. We do the housekeeping, optimise the solution and continually provide help and assistance to place Marketing Automation at the heart of your business.