Our deep understanding of the tech sector makes us ideally placed to get under the skin of your propositions, tell your story in a way that will engage buyers in your target markets and get your message out there. It doesn’t matter to us if your blockage is in sales or in marketing. Wherever it is we’ll find it and we’ll fix it. Joined up sales and marketing, working effectively, and backed by the Cremarc team who will drive everything and get your business back on a growth trajectory.

Growth Strategy

When you are committed to serious growth, just doing “more” isn’t enough. You have to do different. You have to do better. We work with UK and International businesses who are ready for marketing-driven growth.

We sharpen your propositions. Align them with buyer needs. We make your website work harder. And your campaigns more effective. So you win bigger deals. And more of them. Our marketing will drive business growth.

Preparing For Exit

For owner-managers considering a trade-sale as part of their exit strategy, marketing is key.

You may need to refine your propositions to align more closely to potential buyers, making your business more attractive to them. Or you may need one final push to grow revenues. Or, if an earn-out seems unavoidable, you may want to start the earn-out phase with a full pipeline. Our marketing helps you get the deal done.


To get the ball rolling we undertake a detailed discovery. It’s best done under NDA because we have to ask some pretty direct questions and we have to challenge your answers if they don’t stack up. But by taking the time to really understand your current state and the scale of your ambition….we can set the strategy and execute the plan that will give you the results you need.

Not everyone is ready for what’s involved, but for the right prospects, we invest our time free of charge.

You can find out more about the discovery process here.