Content Marketing

With so much of the buying cycle taking place before direct interaction with your sales team, Content Marketing is a critical component of the new marketing mix.

Content Marketing, or ‘Story Telling’, has become the primary means by which you engage with the people who are researching solutions to problems that you can solve. It is how you establish your credentials and earn the right to influence the buyer.

At Cremarc, we understand both technology and the technology buyer. We take your proposition, relate it to the personas of the buyer and turn it into compelling content. We then optimise this content through delivering it in different formats such as infographics, blogs, guides & papers, tweets & posts, eBooks and video.

Content Origination

content marketing origination

Most organisations know what they want to say. They know their story. However, the internal experts who can articulate this are often ‘time poor’. This is where we help. We understand technology and, more importantly, we understand the markets our clients operate in.

This means we don’t need a lengthy brief – we get your story right first time. We originate content that you are proud of, and that resonates with your target audience – capturing their attention and imagination.

Content Alignment

In some instances, we find content in abundance. However, it is not as effective as it could be because it is either very generic or it is ‘internally’ focused rather than speaking the language of the buyer.

This is again where Cremarc can help. We can take your existing content, regardless of what shape it is in and align it to a specific sales or marketing play. For example, a generic solution paper can become a million times more effective if it is aligned to the needs of an industry sector. We do this, relating your solution to challenges of this closely defined audience, outlining benefits in terms that they can relate to, and writing content in the language of the reader.

Content Treatment

We now operate in a world where people want snippets of information, not a novel to read. They want to get the detail, visualise what you are saying and move on quickly.

People want to consume content in different ways and, as such, we always create our content so it can be delivered in many different formats including infographics, videos, eBooks, blogs or tweets.

content marketing treatment