We find all of our clients have a great story to tell; their challenge is finding the time and the right storyteller to articulate it.

This is where Cremarc comes in. As a technology marketing company we know the market so can quickly understand your proposition. We also know your target market and therefore can tell your story in a way that makes it compelling and relatable to your audience.

Campaign & Proposition Messaging

We pride ourselves on our ability to be a flexible high-quality content marketing company who understand what our clients do, what makes them different, and the value they offer to their customers. We can help you simplify the complex, translate why you think your great into why potential customers will believe you’re great and develop engaging, contextual and compelling messaging.

Whether you are trying to articulate a specific proposition or develop an attention-grabbing B2B marketing campaign, we can help you nail it.

Content Development

Your story may be in someone’s head, or on a set of unstructured notes; we can take this and run with it. We know the questions to ask to discover the points of differentiation. Our understanding of technology enables us to give your content depth, while our experience of the sector ensures we relate what you do to what the potential buyer needs.

In the technology sector there is a lot of turgid content. We aim to make our clients stand out with content creation that captures the imagination, is written for potential customers and delivers value. We believe if you get your content creation right, potential buyers will engage with you and return for more.

Types of Content

Infographics - cremarc


Casestudies - cremarc

Case Studies

eBooks - cremarc


Slide Shares

Slide Shares

Websites - cremarc


Social-Paid-Social - cremarc

Social Media Management

Case Studies - cremarc

Corporate Brochures

Solution Guides and Datasheets - cremarc

Solution Guides & Datasheets

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It can be tough in marketing sometimes. Lots of ideas floating around in your head,
many challenges on your plate – that is why we offer a free, no-obligation Coffee & Brainstorm
session with one of our team to bounce your thoughts and pick our brains.

Design & Content Creation

It is not just the words that are important; it is how you visualise your story. Different messages and propositions are best served through different channels and styles.

This is why we involve our design team from the start of content development. They inject the creativity to ensure your content catches the eye, is easy to digest and focuses your audience on the core messages you need to get across.

A crucial part of this is selecting the most appropriate and useful format for your content whether that be an infographic, collateral, a slide share, an eBook a social snippet, or a website.