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A B2B Social Media Marketing Agency That Drives Enagement

Social Media has become an important channel for B2B marketing. It provides a significant opportunity for you to raise awareness, shape people’s thinking and engage with your target audience.

Ignore socials and you are missing a significant opportunity. However you need to have clear objectives of what you are trying to achieve, otherwise you will gain little to no return on your investment of time.

At Cremarc, we help our clients leverage social media to extend their reach, get closer to their target audience, and deliver measurable return from this activity.

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Social Media Services

We are helping our clients drive value from their presence on social media through a range of services that drive awareness and engagement.

We help you define what you want to achieve and build a social strategy that maps out the channels, content, and cadence to deliver value.

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We take care of the management of your social channels, planning and scheduling your posts and analysing the impact of your social activity.

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We help you to create content and visual elements that will make you stand out on social channels and drive engagement.

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We leverage our tools to listen to the social channels, identifying the relevant conversations that you need to be part of.

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B2B SEO Agency

Social Media Strategy

Marketing is all about placing yourself where your target audience is and today that is on social media. However, simply broadcasting to them will generate little value: it may even be detrimental. You need to craft what you say, when you say it and aim to stimulate engagement.

At Cremarc, we have helped our clients put in place highly effective social media channels. That, alone, delivers value but when connected into their wider marketing activity drives a far greater overall performance.

We help you establish your goals and develop your strategy for social media marketing. Our strategy will define the purpose of each channel, the objectives of each type of post, and the outcomes that you are looking to generate.

Social Media Content and Management

We have the full capabilities in-house to fully manage your social media marketing or to cover those aspects where you have gaps. Our team takes the time to get to know you, so that we can create compelling content for the relevant social channels alongside the visual elements that will get you noticed.

We then take care of scheduling and posting across the social channels, ensuring that this is not something you do only when you have time, but we follow a consistent and persistent cadence.

As part of this activity, we meticulously analyse everything we do, to better understand your audience and what they engage with. This enables us to continually refine your messaging, your calls to action, and even the style of your posts to drive far greater returns.

Search Term Relevancy

Social Listening

It is not just about the conversations that you have, it is also about the conversations that your target audience have and that you should be part of.

With social listening we can quickly flag the topics that are trending, identify the influencers in your space, and find those hooks for you to engage.

We can point you in the right direction or act on your behalf either commenting directly on relevant posts or taking a hot topic and making it your own.

Web Performance Analytics

Our Work For B2B Technology Companies

We believe that data drives B2B marketing performance. When coupled with creativity, they deliver transformational results.

We apply this to everything we do, whether that be helping you to redefine your marketing strategy or injecting specific expertise to drive elements of your digital marketing execution.

Advanced Dynamics Website Design

Website design and development to accelerate Advanced Dynamics' digital strategy and help the business stand out in a competitive market.

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DWS Social Posts

Social posts designed to be effective and engaging

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SureDrop Advert

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Nectar Ebook

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