The MD’s Guide to Marketing

The starting point for effective marketing is a mindset that sees it as an investment that will deliver a measurable return. With this mindset, you will ensure that marketing is aligned with, and supports, the goals and ambitions of the business. If you are an MD or Sales Director and you need to be sure that your marketing drives business growth, here are six pointers that will help.


Align Marketing Objectives to your Sales Targets.

The biggest predictor of marketing failure is fuzzy thinking regarding your sales objectives. Be clear.

Is your business going to grow by new logo acquisition or by expanding your business with existing customers? What combination of the two are you looking for? How are your sales targets broken down in terms of average deal size, deal types and number of deals required? Knowing this detail enables you to work back up the funnel to quantify the opportunities you need to be generated from your marketing activity.

Establish the Right Message for the Right Audience.

Who you market to and who you sell to can be subtly different.

Yes, it can be the CXO level who signs the order, but does the conversation start at C-level or is there a set of influencers and evaluators that you need to be marketing to first? Aligning your message to the right person at the right time is essential. Your sales pitch may need to focus on business impact, but your marketing and campaign messaging often need to focus on capability.

Ensure you have an Effective Online Presence.

Eight out of every ten buyer journeys now start online.

The first impression of your company is likely to be your website – you need to make it count. When landing on your website, most people have three qualifying questions they are looking to answer quickly: What do you do? Who do you do it for? And do you offer something interesting to me? When these are addressed, you need to have calls to action that entice people, when the time is right, to engage and give you their details.

Be Found.

Given that most people start their buying journey online, you’ve got to be found on google.

This starts with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which means ensuring your website is viewed favourably by the search engines. If google likes your website, when potential buyers start searching for the solutions and services you offer, then it will be you and not your competitors that they will find.

Be Smart at Digital Hunting.

The returns on cold email blasts is virtually zero.

Effective digital marketing happens when you understand your target audience and how they consume content. Place your content where they are looking – on Social Media, on industry bodies or key publications etc. Placing digital ads on these sites or leveraging content syndication is highly effective at getting in front of the right people at the right time.

Measure the Right Things.

Marketing has a funnel just like sales does, and it needs to be monitored, measured and analysed.

You need to monitor how many people you attract into the top of your funnel. You need to measure how quickly they move through the middle of the funnel, so deals don’t get stuck. Finally, you need to analyse what’s coming out of the bottom of the funnel – have you the right quantity? The right deal mix? The right quality – are they really ready for sales-engage? Measure it all – otherwise, it simply won’t happen.

Any company of any size can be effective at marketing, it is not a case of how much you invest, but how effective you make your investment and that requires the right marketing plan. To get more pointers, take a look at our Managing Director’s Guide to Marketing.

This blog was written by Chris Devine, a director at Cremarc, a technology marketing team that helps you to engage with your target market and drive business growth.