If you are using Marketing Automation, you have ‘power’ at your disposal. The question is – have you unleashed its full potential, or barely scratched the surface?

You can find out where you stand by taking just 5 minutes to answer 50 simple questions and we will send you your free personal assessment, ranking you on the scale of ‘Novice’ to ‘Genius’, and recommendations on how to improve.

As well as sending you your personal ranking, we will send you a copy of our report that anonymously benchmarks you against other companies in your sector. We will also enter you into our draw for a free workshop with one of our Marketing Automation Gurus – unless you’re top of the class already!

NEW REPORT – Marketing Automation: A Benchmark of Usage in the B2B Technology Sector

During July and August, 74 people completed the full Marketing Automation survey. We have collated and analysed the results to provide Edition One of our Benchmark report.

About the Assessment

We have designed our questions to assess the extent to which you use your Marketing Automation platform.

The assessment focuses on the core functionality of Marketing Automation and scores you in each area. Once completed, we are able to tell you where you rank on our scale of ‘Novice’ to ‘Genius’.

Our aim is to create a benchmark of Marketing Automation use within the B2B Technology sector, hopefully you will find this interesting.

About Cremarc

As a team of technology marketers, we are passionate about Marketing Automation – we love it!

We push ourselves to intelligently use the power and capabilities that Marketing Automation provides in order to continually improve the way that we market and the results that we generate.

We help our clients to maximise the power of Marketing Automation and are always on the lookout for opportunities to learn and share best practices.