“Apprenticeships? Aren’t they for plumbers?”

Before my apprenticeship, my view of success followed the traditional university route. I never considered other options such as an apprenticeship: I thought that they were somehow ‘second best’ and only applied to blue-collar industries.

Like many of us, the pandemic gave me time to think and ponder the future. My first year at university was successful but the course no longer suited my ambitions; this made me completely rethink my plans. In addition to being expensive, expertise and experience are becoming far more valuable than a degree. I read an article about Multiverse, an EdTech company founded by Euan Blair which matches talent with corporate apprenticeship roles. Before I even reached the end of the article, I had begun researching Multiverse and applied to participate in the programme. Because of my creative background, I found that the Digital Marketing apprenticeship was the perfect fit for me as I have always loved the balance of analytics and creativity. The course covers topics ranging from marketing principles and SEO to analytics and the basics of coding – all things which sparked my interest!


Then the process began…

I was invited to interview for a range of companies, from finance to fashion. And, I am pleased to say, I was offered the apprenticeship at Cremarc! My apprenticeship with Cremarc has enabled me to learn about the fast-growing, ever-changing industry of digital marketing. Although I have only been at Cremarc for a few months, I have learned lots – from marketing automation to social media etiquette. Even better, I have been incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by colleagues who have been so helpful whenever I encounter any problems. My apprenticeship has already helped me find the career I would like to pursue as well as providing me with valuable experience in this industry.


Starting an apprenticeship during a pandemic has been interesting

Getting to understand Teams and Zoom can be overwhelming. However, Cremarc has created such a lovely working atmosphere – I have even got involved in helping to organise a staff netball match. Unfortunately, my team lost – however there is always plenty of time for a rematch!

Starting my corporate journey at Cremarc has not meant the end of my links with Multiverse, they are far more than simply a jobs agency. Despite the pandemic, Multiverse has provided many opportunities to engage with other apprentices in a wide variety of companies. The development, networking, mentor opportunities available to Multiverse apprentices has helped to speed my progress and develop my confidence at work. This has been highly motivating, and I have even become the Multiverse Women’s Network co-chair, where I help to coordinate and plan content and events for the network.

I have found the apprenticeship path incredibly positive, however, these programmes still have a stigma attached to them: parents, teachers, and employers need to be better informed of the benefits and opportunities available. It is time that everyone understands that there are positive and attractive alternatives to university. My advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship is to do your research and reach out to previous apprentices. It was a massive decision to withdraw from my degree, however, I am so glad I did!


If you’re an employer considering taking on a Digital Marketing apprentice, and would like to hear from someone who’s ‘been there and done it’, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would be happy to have a chat!

Elle – Digital Marketing Apprentice, Cremarc