Fake-facts, the Power of Critical Thinking and Account-based Marketing.

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I have to confess that I’m a little tired of all the stats that are being pumped out in support of technology “X” or “Y”….the sort of fake-facts nonsense that might suggest that 96% of marketers experience better than average results when they use statistics to blah blah blah.

If someone puts a number against an opinion , that doesn’t make it a fact; and the absence of a number doesn’t make the opinion of an experience source any less worth listening. The key here is to retain our critical faculties and judge for ourselves.

Well-established best practice

So, here’s an opinion: there isn’t much in account-based marketing (ABM) that is actually “new”. By this I mean that sales leaders in the UK tech sector have known for years how to win big in target accounts. You need to know what’s going on in an account and who’s involved. Then create messages to map your proposition(s) onto their priorities. You need to deliver your message in a manner that will make your target want to engage with you. And then you follow up rigorously. Nothing much new here; just good sales-craft.

Enriched by new technology

And here’s a second opinion: the bit of ABM that’s new, really is a game-changer! In particular, how marketing automation technologies now support personalisation, message delivery and engagement tracking across the entire digital footprint of the target account. And all of this can be done at scale…..

There is such a strong connection between ABM and target account best practice that it surprises me that sales leaders aren’t more actively involved. Perhaps they think “not my department!” because of the word “Marketing” in the term ABM.

As a sales leader, you are the ultimate beneficiaries of ABM, so you are missing out if you are not part of the conversation. So, ask your marketing manager how account-based marketing can help you win bigger deals and more of them. And if you are not happy with the answer you get, call Cremarc. We’d be happy to help.