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account-based marketing research

The bedrock of an ABM programme is a fully understood target organisation. To know the structure, the dynamics and the circles of influence. To understand the context of the target business and the language they use to articulate their strategic imperatives.

We help by doing this research for you either at a company or an industry level. We not only identify the key priorities of the people you want to talk to but also the language they use and the key dynamics of their industry and their business. This allows you to quickly identify if you have selected the right target and to identify the key ‘triggers’ to use in your approach.

Message Alignment

Armed with the right research, you gain the advantage of being able to pitch your propositions to the specific needs of the account. You tell your story in the context of their strategic imperatives and outline the value you deliver in terms of their stated objectives.

By fully understanding the solutions and services that you offer, Cremarc helps you to turn this ‘Account Intelligence’ into highly targeted messaging aligned to the different personas within the account. Whether you decide to target the power-house, or influence the influencers, we help you to create a message that resonates and is highly effective.

Targeted Delivery

It is not just what you say that is important – it is how you say it. Different audiences and indeed different industry sectors prefer different media. Some messages are best delivered by video, some are best shown as infographics, and others need the substance of a focused eBook or guide.

Our marketing expertise enables us to bring your ABM programme alive in the form of a set of physical and/or digital assets that form the basis of your ABM activity. In many cases we utilise the developed messaging in multiple formats that accelerate awareness and are highly effective at generating engagement.

account-based marketing targeted delivery

Measuring Engagement

The CRM and Marketing Automation technologies that support ABM combine to give you full visibility of target account engagement and marketing performance at all stages of your extended marketing and sales funnel.

By measured at the account level rather than at the individual level, you can track how the full range of influencers, gatekeeper and decision makers in your target account are being attracted by your messaging. You can then nurture their interest through the middle of the funnel with personalised content. Then, at the point where they are ready for sales handover, you can continue to measure their journey towards closure.

The key point here is that you have end-to-end visibility across the combined marketing and sales funnel as you engage, nurture and convert your target accounts.

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Read our eBook